Joy Tip for the longest day of the year and beyond!

“Stressful thoughts all by themselves are a form of resistance. You don’t want stressful, resistant thoughts to be your habitual way of reacting to your world. By practicing thoughts of minimal resistance, you’ll train yourself to make this your natural way of reacting, and eventually you’ll become the tranquil person you desire to be, a stress-free person free of the “dis-ease” that stress brings to the body. Stressful thoughts all by themselves are the resistance that you construct that impedes your connection to the power of intention.”
-Wayne Dyer, PhD

When you feel stressed or in an old pattern try these simple steps:

1) Take a moment to non-judgementally, observe, “A-ha, I am in a stinking, old pattern.”Or “Wow, I am identifying with stress right now instead of my most joyful self.”

*Just noticing the pattern turns the light on inside yourself and takes you one step closer to JOY.

2) Set your intention by desiring to experience something new instead of blame, shame or stress (especially towards yourself) and…

…Ask your Inner Counselor or Higher Power to help you in these 3 ways:

Find a new, creative solution (Ex. a symbol, a new idea, a different feeling, a pause or a deep breath)

Let go of this stressor (using any of the stress reducing techniques on my website or that you know. Shake up this joy buster by offering some relaxation to the mix.)

Turn this precious moment into a playful one (Why not play instead of stress? Who is it going to hurt?)

Why do we take life so seriously? It can be this simple to turn things around.

We all have moments we need to be serious about things, but the majority of the day most people are just way too serious.:-| LOL Why do you think we have so many addictions and so much compulsive behavior? It’s exhausting feeling so serious or stressed.

I will do this joy tip with my daughter sometimes and it works like a charm. If I can turn a tough moment into something playful, she is able to allow in more joy also.

Now of course we all have our days when this is harder. But believe me, with practice, we can love ourselves and the people around us enough to allow and embrace joy.

A sign of good mental health is not that you have stress or joy busting moments, but it’s how fast you can move through these moments that makes all the difference in your life!

Here’s to a joy-filled beginning of summer and beyond!