Meet Dr. Shannon South

Dr. Shannon South, “The Joy Doctor”, is the source for people who are ready to experience more joy and empowerment in their lives. She is an award winning Transpersonal Therapist, a bestselling author of three books, an inspirational speaker and an expert in the field of mind-body-spirit healing and healing trauma for over 20 years.

Dr Shannon South

Healing Trauma

Her passion is helping people "heal the split" associated with trauma so that wholeness and joy can occur naturally. Transforming patterns that are not who we really are and living from our most authentic self takes work, and Dr. South knows how to assist people in giving themselves these valuable life-changing gifts.

She is also an avid meditator, having completed her doctorate studying meditation and its effects on depression, anxiety, dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

How She Overcame Debilitating Anxiety

In 1994, during graduate school, Dr. Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation, healing her own debilitating anxiety and panic disorder. Since this transformative experience, Dr. Shannon's focus changed from one of traditional psychotherapy to a holistic, transpersonal nature. She  has helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving and joy-filled selves.

Using the transpersonal approach, Dr. Shannon offers private sessions, online programs and live presentations that offer practical, holistic solutions for overcoming fear and negative patterns, healing trauma, and igniting the life and business of your dreams.

As a transformational speaker, she has worked extensively with the NC Healthcare System, counseling and coaching organizations, The Grove Park Inn, and many other businesses to educate and inspire them on transformation, healing and managing all things stressful.

Her most recent book, Grow Your Business by Growing You: The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Guide to Maximum Joy, Abundance and Success. is a roadmap to this unique, healing process.

Dr. Shannon grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and loved writing poetry as a child.  Shannon loves dancing, being in nature, and enjoying her family and friends in the beautiful mountains of NC where she currently resides.

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