How creativity cultivates joy

Shannon South

“Creativity is the ability to see possibilities in the midst of limitations.”
-Dr. Pete Sansbury, Psychologist (my husband:-))

My husband is the brains behind the quote we are focusing on today. Besides bringing our family much joy, he is a free thinker, a creative lover of justice and a kind, generous soul.

Creativity is the juice for joy. As my best artist friend, Sundara Fawn says, “Creativity is the expression of the soul, which brings Divine Fulfillment”, yet you don’t have to be an artist to access creativity.

Creativity is needed in all aspects of our lives:

  • relationships
  • finances
  • career
  • self-care
  • projects such as art, writing, speaking, volunteering, gardening, cooking etc.

Creativity brings expansion in our boring, every day routines and expands us into our best possibilities to live closer to the joy of our soul. Juice up that inner joy connection here!!

We just watched the new movie called JOY and what a great flick! Joy, the main character, is a shining example of a woman moving through one crisis after another and finding new, expansive possibilities along the way.

If we follow our creativity, it may not be the smoothest ride, but it will definitely be the most adventurous and alive one!

So my challenge for you today is to think of the areas in your life where you feel stuck, are in a rut… where you are needing some new joy juice or a total jump start and open up to new ways of being creative today!

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