From stress management to permanent healing

Last year, I saw a client who came in for “stress management”. During our session, I found out she had just recently ended a relationship and that she was totally uninspired and bored with her job. She was looking for more yet the day to day stress had built up to where she felt overwhelmed, tired of the patterns in her life and ready for a permanent change.

My heart went out to Tanya. She, (maybe like many of you?) knew she was stressed yet felt something bigger was going on. She began to cry. Her voice got shaky and she said, “I am working so hard, doing all I know to do. I feel so bad about myself.” Tanya knew her low self-esteem which stemmed back from her childhood was keeping her in these stress patterns. She wanted to break out of these stress patterns so she could make healthier choices in her life and feel more joy.

I used to be there, too. (I mean, I have been affected by stress patterns which have influenced my life greatly). Which is why I knew that Tanya feeling better about herself would change the way she operated in the world which would change her stress patterns (some of these stress patterns many of us have like, I can’t deal with uncertainty or I have to do it all myself or I am not worthy of support and love-actually make normal stress feel even more overwhelming).

The Love Wisdom Meditation

I shared with Tanya one of my favorite, short practices, the Love Wisdom Meditation TM. A few weeks later, she came back in. She was blown away. “I am feeling so much better about myself, she said. Nothing has changed drastically on the outside but I feel amazing like I have been transformed on a deep level. I love your meditation and have been using it every day. I didn’t even know what to talk about today because I really didn’t need to come in. I can’t thank you enough.” I almost cried.

This is why I am writing to you today. Maybe you’re like Tanya, wanting to feel better yet not sure how or maybe you want to make some changes that would reduce your stress but feel stuck in old patterns. Either way, if you want to start your New Year off with a bang and let go of some stress for more permanent joy patterns, it is super important that you learn what works.

Overcoming Stress Patterns

I can really help you overcome old, long term or new stress patterns, and with very little time each day. (believe me, small and steady win the race!) And, I have mastered this process because these easy stress reducers my clients and I use, have been tested over and over for the last 20 years. (most of them with scientific research that they work).

I am offering this special 10 Therapist Tested Stress Reducers program to help you succeed on your New Years resolutions AND to create joy and relaxation for your day to day life (if I am being real, this program also can change the way you deal with stress for the rest of your life if you really use these simple, effective stress reducers). You deserve it!

And I have given them to you in an easy to digest form of 5 minutes a day for 10 days. (in the comfort of your own home – I mean come on! LOL) You will receive a video for each day introducing the big idea for the day and then a joy building experiential piece to change the stress pattern for good!

And if you are a therapist, healer or coach, you can learn these powerful, lasting, stress reducers for yourself (to share with your clients too:-) win/win) in a very easy, fun way that will benefit you and them.

P.S. Yes, I’ll be giving away the best of the best, I have used with clients for so long (materials, meditations, transformative exercises, etc.) Even the one I shared with Tanya. You’ve got nothing to lose except that belief that I don’t deserve to feel this great.

P.S.S. If you don’t know whether you need it or not, take this easy short stress test to find out.