Introducing Dr. Shannon South's Ignite Your Relationships Program

Have you lost the magic in your relationship?

Do you want a better connection but feel you have tried everything?

Are you ready to create new, fulfilling patterns AND experience a juicy, joy-filled relationship?

If so, this program may be for you?

Dr. Shannon South Transpersonal Therapist
Dr. Shannon South,
Transpersonal Therapist

Hi, I'm Dr. Shannon South and for over 20 years, I have been helping couples overcome disconnecting, painful patterns. Often traumas or personal bad habits get in the way of intimacy AND destroy closeness. Too much chaos (or disconnection) equals less joy and love.

Most people want closer, more tuned-in relationships, but just don't know how to get there. I have found that if clients truly commit to their well-being and personal freedom (and receive the support they need) they achieve their goals faster.

It takes two committed, willing people to create a dynamic, loving relationship.

I guide my clients by removing their specific blocks to intimacy. We also investigate your survival patterns, as well as, how you open your heart to each other.

I also work differently than most therapists in that, I bring a mind body spirit connection into our sessions together which creates more energy and permanent healing.

If this “resonates” with you, I invite you to check out below the The Ignite Your Relationship! Program.

Overcome the root of your problems and connect deeply (for more joy and love<:)

“Ignite Your Relationship” Program: A 12 Week Immersion to Transform the Root of your Problems and Unleash a Joyful, Loving, and Juicy Relationship

Here’s What You Will Get:

  • Two (50 min) Individual Clarity sessions with Dr. Shannon (phone/skype): This session allows each of you to set clear intentions for your relationship goals and dreams, determine what you are willing to do to reach those goals and map out a plan to get there. (Value: $500.00)
  • Eight (50 min) Couples “Breakthrough” Sessions with Dr. Shannon: This is where we get to the root of your problems and transform them through various approaches. (Value $2,000 or priceless*)
  • Two (50 min) Individual “Inner Counselor” sessions: (phone/skype) These sessions are for clearing an individual issue or trigger if you feel stuck and need support. The result is getting your “own stuff out of the way” for a better relationship.(Value: 750.00 or priceless)
  • Two Imago (Unconscious Image of Love) Therapy Assessments: (emailed at the time of deposit) This is a process each of you fill out at home to uncover how much of your “childhood patterns” you are still playing out in your current relationship. (Value: $200.00)
  • Access to my Ignite Your Life! Library (Value: $1,000): An over 20-year collection of inspirations, guided meditations and resources such as:
    • Anxiety therapy
    • What is depression?
    • What is addiction?
    • Stages of relationships
    • What is a healthy relationship?
    • What is a healthy family?
    • How to step out of the drama triangle?
    • plus more educational materials and referrals to support the creation of new habits that help you go deep and rise higher than you ever have before.

    Plus TWO Transformational Bonuses

    BONUS #1: Say Yes to Less Stress: 10 Stress-Busting Days to Living a Joyful Life (Value: $500.00)

This online program contains 12 short videos that share a joy-building idea and includes an experiential exercise to make your idea a reality. Great personal practices for couples to help manage their emotions and become more self aware in the relationship.

  1. A Holistic Stress Assessment Tool: Great to take at the beginning and the end of this program to see your amazing progress
  2. A Weeding Out Your Joy Busters/Stress- Clearing Process: My favorite clearing process that creates massive movement with ANY problem you experience
  3. Your Inner Safe Place Grounding Meditation: A place that is just for you whenever you need it to reduce the chaos
  4. The Circle of Strength Empowerment Tool: Reduce stress and drama and clean up communication problems in any situation
  5. Love Wisdom Meditation: This guided meditation is so powerful that when studied was found to increase dopamine (a natural anti-depressant),decrease anxiety and decrease depression
  6. Empowerment Affirmations: Strengthen the Mind for personal freedom and healing
  7. The Joy Breathe: a breathing exercise that teaches YOU to be in charge of your stress.
  8. Feed the Fire of Your Soul: Tools to get you back in touch with healthy passions

Bonus #2: ”Joy Pack” of 3 videos (Value: $300.00)

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries: Saying No and Yes to Manage Stress
  • A Heart Center Meditation: Come back home to YOU if you have gotten lost or unclear (great for centering self before communicating)
  • The Benefits of Play (such an important topic for couples especially since play is the language of the heart)

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Relationship?