Time For Me:
From Stressed Out Mom to Joy Magnet in 3 Simple Steps

Reviews for Time for Me

Absolutely Love this Book!
"I'm both a mom and a psychotherapist myself, and I couldn't recommend this book enough. Reading it is like getting a massage after a rough week. It has great videos, sound advice, and a spiritual dimension that makes it delicious!"

-Elizabeth B. Garzarelli

An excellent book to help increase joy
"This is an excellent book for anyone who is looking for more ease and joy in their life. The book was very inspirational, and as a single mom of 2 daughters I really enjoyed the 3 steps in the book to creating joy in my life so that I can pass it on to my daughters."

-Nancy Falconi

Time for Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet has been described by psychologists as "effective as 12 therapy sessions". Dr. Shannon South, Western NC's Best Therapist and Best-selling Author, shares with you, through her videos, an eye-opening quiz and these 3 simple yet powerful steps, the tools and support you need to cultivate more permanent joy in your life with great ease immediately. This book has been "recommended with enthusiasm" by NY Times Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff (the Happiness and Love Expert) as a resource to "reduce stress", "reduce depression" and "get to the root of what blocks peoples ability to experience more joy!"

Joy is Contagious. As moms, if we are joyful, our kids and families are more joyful! As a woman, however, you probably have had trauma or stress that has disconnected or split you off from your JOY: the essence of who you are. If so, it is time for this to stop! This book will teach you how to be more fully alive in your present moment instead of your joy being hijacked by past or current stressors.

Time for Me is more than just a book, it is an interactive journey to create more joy....through short and transformational videos guided by Dr. Shannon herself, a joy quiz (to see how much joy you are currently cultivating), and uplifting stories, Dr. Shannon brings her 18 years of expertise to you so you will get Beyond Your Story and Into More Joy!

As a busy mom herself and a transpersonal therapist, she shares the secrets that she knows work to create joy in your life for good! As someone who has recovered from an anxiety disorder herself, Dr. Shannon has walked this walk with extreme success, health and JOY.... and now she wants you, moms, to have this healing too.

Why wait until your kids are grown or your job slows down or your life circumstances change?..... Time For Me will show you how to change your life and create more JOY and a higher quality existence from the inside out, right now. You will save money and time on therapy bills as well. Regardless of your external circumstances... you are the center point of it all. When you change and create this inner garden for Joy to bloom, everything changes.

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