Your Healing Starts Here

What if you could overcome your anxiety and connect with deep lasting joy?

I know... deep, lasting joy can seem hard to connect with when you’re busy with the demands of daily life. Sometimes it feels like we are just surviving in old anxious, shameful or depressed patterns and if we are honest, just reacting to ourselves and our lives instead of responding from our best selves.

Traditional therapy such as psychotherapy can be wonderful yet most of my clients want to experience true and lasting change. They are tired of being stuck in old patterns. They want real transformation, not just talking about it. They want to unleash the person inside who dreams big, who can easily and with power create positive change and who knows how to go deep and rise higher than they have ever dreamed!

Fortunately, there’s a deeper approach to psychology that can create this change by “healing the split” between your anxious, depressed, unworthy self and the joyful, loving and powerful YOU.

Spiritual Psychology

What is this type of therapy?

Transpersonal (or spiritual) counseling is the approach I have used with “wild success” (having been voted Best Therapist several times in my area) in my over 20 years of working with clients. It is based on creating a strong mind-body-spirit connection which heals the parts of us that need healing. Read more about transpersonal counseling here.

So if you're ready to reconnect with your true joy-filled, juicy Self then, I invite you to explore the programs I have created to support you in unleashing and becoming your highest potential.

With unlimited Joy and love,

"I am a veteran of years of traditional talk therapy, and that was helpful to a point. However, I did more inner work with Shannon in the first hour of the Inner Counselor process than I did in all those years getting insight into my past and present. Why? Because this process involves the totality of who I am-not just my mind and emotions, but also my body and spirit. It goes deep! This is the real deal. It doesn't get any more powerful than this!"
- FP, Director, non-profit organization

Which Program is Right for You?

Below is a summary description of the various products and services that I offer. I created a solution for every situation and budget. Please review the options and click on one for more details.

Ignite Your Life! VIP Program

  • 1-on-1 Private sessions with Dr. Shannon South
  • Tools to heal the root of your problem
  • Skype sessions
  • Online resource library
  • Includes "Say Yes to Less Stress" online program

Ignite Your Relationship

  • 1-on-1 Private sessions with Dr. Shannon South
  • 12-weeks to heal the root of your problem
  • Skype sessions
  • Online resource library
  • Includes "Say Yes to Less Stress" online program

Raise Your Joy IQ

  • Self-paced online course
  • 20 short videos
  • PDF exercises, tools and assessments you can use immediately
  • Expert interviews
  • Lifetime access
  • Click below for Free 1-hour intro video

Say Yes to Less Stress

  • Self-paced online course
  • 12 short instructional videos
  • Includes stress assessment tool
  • PDF downloads you can use immediately
  • Lifetime access
  • Under $100