Joy begins with you Dr Shannon South

Joy begins with you

Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving here in the US.

And for those of you who aren’t overeating<: or visiting your family, this gratitude blast is for you as well.

To experience authentic joy, it can take time to go within and re-center.

No better time than the holidays, especially when we are with loved ones and may fall back into old patterns or get lost from our truth.

This joy video is to support you in staying centered.

(even if the feelings or thoughts are going crazy inside or we have a crazy relative…LOL).

This is a Soul reminder of who you truly are even in the midst of inner and outer chaos (you’ll see how I got lost in overwhelm and how I shifted that).

Remember…. you can tap into your best self even if your are in reaction mode or something painful is coming up for you.

P.S. The picture of the leaves above are from a recent hike I took on the Mountains to Sea trail, they now call “the Obama trail” because he hiked it when he came to Asheville.