The connection between healing trauma, finding joy, and your health

Do you know there is a direct connection between healing old trauma, having more joy and your health?

If you are interested in what this connection is and how these factors influence each other for maximum health and joy, then you will want to tune in.

I was honored to be interviewed by integrative health doc, Dr. Nikolas Hedberg. In this interview on Healing Trauma and Finding Joy, we discover similar ideas on the research between health, joy and the benefits of healing trauma for optimal health plus effective strategies to permanently heal old trauma.

Click here for the shownotes and full transcript.

I hope you enjoy this weaving together of integrative minds as we discuss everything from:

  • how stress or old trauma can sabotage all the healthy things you are doing (even healthy eating and exercise)
  • inflammation as a sign of stress in the body
  • how Joy keeps the heart healthy
  • how to heal from “father issues” and have healthy relationships
  • the attitudes needed for a mindful, healthy life, and much more.

Make powerful connections for your mental and physical health by listening to the interview above. I also recommend listening to Dr. Hedberg’s podcast. (He has an awesome podcast voice that you don’t want to miss.