Introducing Dr. Shannon South's Ignite Your Life VIP Program

Imagine more love, joy and emotional freedom ...

Dr. Shannon South Transpersonal Therapist
Dr. Shannon South,
Transpersonal Therapist

Hi, I'm Dr. Shannon South and for over 20 years, I have been helping people like you permanently overcome negative patterns and/or traumas and ignite the life of your dreams.

Does more love, joy and emotional freedom sound good to you?

Then keep reading.

I've found that if clients truly commit to their well-being and emotional freedom (and receive the support they need) they speed up their healing (and are more successful). As my clients make peace with their personal stories and get what they REALLY need, they are freed up to write a new amazing ending and super new beginnings!

Many of my clients’ dreams are:

  • To feel great again (let go of anxiety, overwhelm and depression)
  • To understand and break free from old patterns
  • To increase their self-love and create dynamic relationships with others
  • To have the energy and clarity to easily rise to their fullest potential.
  • To experience less chaos and more joy in all areas of their life
  • To create new habits that support their highest vision of themselves.

My clients want to experience REAL transformation not just talk about it.

I guide clients to move away from a “punishing pace” to more “personal power and play” in all areas of their life. My clients want more wholeness and a deeper connection with themselves.

They often say, I know I am worth more than this but I can’t feel it” or...

“I have so many good things in my life but I am still stuck/overwhelmed/insecure, etc.?” or...

“I have tried therapy so many times and I am still dealing with this stuff, what is wrong with me?

Because of this and more, I work differently than most therapists in that, I bring a mind body spirit connection into our sessions together which creates more energy and lasting healing. Transpersonal (or spiritual) counseling creates a new level of consciousness which changes patterns permanently.

My clients also want accountability. They are high achieving (or want to be) and know that their most amazing version of themselves is possible, but they need someone to help them get there. Someone who can see their highest vision of themselves and keep them focused.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to check out the IGNITE Your Life! VIP program

One (75 min) Clarity is Power Session (in person/Skype)
(Value $300.00)

In this session, I will help you set clear intentions about your life AND we will map out a plan to reach this by identifying what is in the way and a how I will help get you there.

Six (50 min) Breakthrough to Your Authentic, Empowered Self Sessions (in person/Skype)
(Value $1,500.00)

This is where we get to the root of the problem(s) and your healing and transformation happens! We do this through various transpersonal (spiritual) and psychological deep dive approaches that have over 30 years of research and totally work!

Five (30 min) Strategy and Soul Sessions (phone/Skype)
(Value $750.00)

In these sessions, which are usually scheduled in between the breakthrough deep dives, we will practice and customize the supportive and nurturing life habits you need for your specific situation. Here is where you will support your deeper healing by continuing to rewire your brain and body for natural joy.

In these sessions, which are usually scheduled in between the breakthrough deep dives, we will practice and customize the supportive and nurturing life habits you need for your specific situation. Here is where you will support your deeper healing by continuing to rewire your brain and body for natural joy.

* I will tailor fit (with your help of course) these at-home time-tested tools for your personal and professional transformation (see Joy Pack #1 and #2 for examples). These are proven strategies I have used in my work over the last 20 years (being voted one of the Best Therapists in my area) to say goodbye to negative patterns, help you focus on rapid expansion and create a peaceful, loving, wise and joyful life. And you will have my 100% support (even if you have “tried and not succeeded” at similar things before).

BY THE WAY: There is no doing it wrong but there is doing it long. <: By not having this support, experience and accountability, it could take a long, long time to experience the changes you so deeply desire (if they happen at all). Because of this, we work directly with the sabotaging parts of yourself to set you free! (and there is a strategy to do just that<J) With these new joy-building habits, they will protect the deeper healing we are doing as well as set yourself up for a lasting playful, passionate and abundant life!

Using these 12 power-packed sessions (valued at $2,550,00) you will be set up to unleash your Soulful, authentic, empowered Self PLUS the habits to maintain this connection for a lifetime! (and that's priceless!)

Unlimited Access to My Ignite Your Life! Library:

  • Inspirations, guided meditations and resources such as:
  • Anxiety therapy
  • What is depression?
  • What is addiction/compulsive behavior?
  • Effective ways to meditate
  • How to step out of the drama and into strength
  • What is codependency? Counterdependency?
  • Stages of relationships
  • What is a healthy family?
  • PLUS: educational materials and referrals to support the creation of new patterns and habits that help you go deeper and rise higher than you ever have before.

Bonus: Joy Pack #1

Say Yes to Less Stress: 10 Days to a Joy-filled, Relaxed Life: This 10-day online program contains 12 videos that introduce a joy-building idea and an experiential exercise to make your idea a reality. (don’t underestimate these tools- I have seen them transform lives right in front of my own eyes-including my own life<:) And don’t worry, I will custom choose (with your help) which tools are most important for you and when.

a) A Holistic Stress Assessment Tool: Great to take at the beginning and the end of this program to see your amazing progress

b) A Weeding Out Your Joy Busters/Stress- Clearing Process: My favorite clearing process that creates massive movement with ANY problem you experience

c) Your Inner Safe Place Grounding Meditation: A place that is just for you whenever you need it

d) The Circle of Strength Empowerment Tool: Reduce stress and drama and clean up communication problems in any situation. Teaches you how to step our of drama and into strength and personal power.

e) Love Wisdom Meditation: So powerful that when studied was found to increase dopamine (a natural anti-depressant), decrease anxiety and decrease depression

f) Empowerment Affirmations: Strengthen the Mind for personal freedom and healing

g) The Joy Breathe: A breathing exercise that teaches YOU to be in charge of your stress and helps you master your physiology

h) Feed the Fire of Your Soul: Tools to get you back in touch with healthy passions as passion is the pipeline to your Soul.

Plus: Bonus Joy Pack #2 (3 videos)

VIDEO 1: How to Set Healthy Boundaries: Saying No and Yes to Manage Stress. Much of our anxiety and depression comes from not knowing our divine NO and our divine YES. Honoring these sets you up for being in the flow of your life and making clear, strong decisions that deeply support you and your success.

VIDEO 2: A Heart Center Meditation: Come back home to YOU if you have gotten lost or unclear (priceless). Often we are “barking up the wrong tree” and draining our precious energy (often without even knowing it). With this meditation you will reawaken the part of you that knows where to put your energy, time and focus to nurture you and your life.

VIDEO 3: The Benefits of Play (priceless). In this video, Jen (a certified play coach) and myself share the benefits of play and how this supports our recovery from anxiety and depression. Plus ways you can use play in your life more<; (and not feel guilty for it).