What is The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ ?

The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ is the approach I have used with “wild success” (having been voted Best Therapist several times in my area) in my over 20 years of working with clients. It is based on creating a strong mind-body-spirit connection which heals the parts of us that need healing.

The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ assists you in aligning with your deeper knowing, embodying your spiritual nature and drawing from these part of yourself to unleash lasting love, joy and wisdom in your life. It uses a practical 15 step process based in spiritual and energy psychology to overcome debilitating conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, trauma and panic attacks.

This whole person approach aligns you with higher levels of consciousness and encompasses your ENTIRE being, mind-body and Spirit. It heals the split inside of you (the part of you who does not feel good enough vs. the part of you who knows you deserve the best life can offer) and brings you back to your wholeness.

The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ is so much more than just talking about your problems or your past. It rewires new patterns and heals old, survival patterns in one session. It builds a super highway to the person you have always wanted to be. By aligning you with your intrinsic needs instead of your "deficiency motivations" running your life, it empowers the authentic YOU!  It ignites your highest self and easily guides you to the root of your problem for permanent healing.

You CAN free yourself from the chaos, overwhelm and negative patterns that have taken up too much of your precious life. You CAN create lasting joy.

How The Inner Counselor Process is different than other modalities:

1) The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ gets to the root of the problem in one session

2) It connects you with your wisest, most loving Self (what Dr. Carl Jung called the “capital S” Self) for lasting healing

3) Studies show it reduces depression and anxiety and increases self-worth in 1-4 sessions

4) Because of the focus being on your inner wisdom, it naturally empowers you because the answers come from your own knowing.

5) The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™integrates the opposites parts of a client or yourself so you become more whole and can BE the changes you want to create vs. just thinking about it.

6) The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ consistently transforms old reactive, survival patterns by replacing them with new, empowering, healing patterns.

I have spent my whole career (and life really) in search of healing my own self from years of disabling panic attacks, anxiety and depression and helping thousands of clients in using this holistic approach.

And believe me, it never disappoints!

It always gets to the root of the problem(s) and gives you what you really need to free yourself up to experience more joy and love (whether you knew you needed it or not :-).

So if you're ready to reconnect with your true joy-filled, juicy Self then, check out the programs I have created to support you in unleashing and becoming your highest potential.