Spiritual psychology

Want to be like Sarah?

This is what Sarah said to me when she came into my office: “I feel broken and when I wake up in the morning I feel sick and dread the day.” Sarah had suffered from a unexpected, violent trauma. She was debilitated and full of panic. Her life had changed tremendously.

She wanted help and even struggled to get to our sessions because driving caused her to panic.

Living for Sarah felt like a panic attack.

Sarah is one of my most inspiring clients. She is strong, powerful, hopeful AND scared. She is willing to dive deeply into herself and allow the transformation to occur. She is a true spiritual warrior.

I was thrilled she came in. I am always ready to dive right to the deep, healing processes but I knew we had to take it at Sarah’s pace. She began to trust me and she began to heal. I offered to guide her in a deeper “process” than we had done before (as I had offered before but she was not ready).

My favorite spiritual psychology process, the Inner Counselor, helps integrate the scared, trauma within Sarah with the strong and powerful parts of her so they can be in harmony within her and she can FEEL more whole. She took a chance on this process. I was so grateful and so excited because I knew this would really help.

Within no time, she was feeling less sick, stronger and more capable. She could drive to the store and manage her fear (which was down a bunch already). She looked into going back to work.

Slowly but surely, she found a job and was able to engage with others. She felt a sense of purpose and “like her old self, but different.”

Over the year we worked together, Sarah blossomed.

She wrote in her card to me when she moved away….

I heard coming to these mountain could heal you. It did. Today, I feel healed. My Soul feels whole (but forever learning). I am excited for the future, in love with my present and thankful for my past. I am forever inspired, touched and healed by you.”

As I share this, I am still brought to smiles and tears.

Helping a client access their full potential is one of the greatest joys of my life.

And this is why I am teaching spiritual psychology today.

Want to be like Sarah?

Do you want to help your clients feel their wholeness and heal fully, like Sarah?

If so, come join us at a free livestream I am offering called 3 Secrets to Creating a Joy-Filled, Soul Based Practice.

I will be covering some truths AND myths (because there is a lot of woo woo stuff out there) about having a Soul Based practice AND why it makes you feel so wonderful as well.

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