4 Ways Therapists Stop Their Clients Healing.

4 Ways Therapists Stop Their Clients Healing

I have an interesting video for you today called 4 Ways Therapists Stop Their Clients Healing.

You may be saying, “I don’t do this with MY clients”, but even with the best intentions getting in the way of healing can happen<:.

I cover some juicy nuggets of the dynamics that you want to avoid in the therapy room and am hosting a free livestream on how to step out of the way and let your clients Soul have the reigns.

Working with depression, anxiety and trauma patterns can be very challenging. Over the last 20 years, I have found ways to do this that:

  1. Maximize your energy so you don’t feel drained as the caregiver
  2. Maximize the healing of your client so they can have lasting transformation and
  3. Allow the clients inner healer to be a strong part of the session

Check out the video above to identify and overcome these common traps.

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