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Award-winning transpersonal therapist, Dr. Shannon South has helped thousands of people permanently overcome negative patterns and traumas, find joy, and ignite the life of their dreams.

"Dr. Shannon’s 3 Step Process helped bring me back to my joy. Coming from an abusive past, it had been years since I had felt joy. Each week of the program, I had a major breakthrough! This was priceless to my mental health!"
-Dusty S., Cardiac Nurse, Asheville, NC

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The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Guide to Maximum Joy, Abundance, and Success

Grow Your Business by Growing You by Dr Shannon South

You Can Have More Joy and Abundance
Plus a Successful Business!

Grow Your Business by Growing You is a guidebook for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs or those wanting to start their own business and achieve their highest potential. By using the wisdom and time-tested approaches of Spiritual Psychology, Dr. Shannon guides you through the 3 stages of consciousness and how to align with the strengths of these for maximum abundance, joy and success. You will discover:
  • The 8 subconscious survival traps and how to breakthrough them
  • How to get to the root of your problem and transform whatever is holding you back into a recipe for abundance
  • The 4 stages of business development and how these impact where you need to put your focus
  • The 11 Callings of Your Soul and ways to embody them for your divine alignment and more…..
Dr. Shannon also offers a free discovery call for you to see how she can assist you directly to Grow Your Business by Growing You.

Meet Dr. Shannon South

In my 20+ years as a transpersonal therapist, I've helped hundreds of people like you permanently overcome negative patterns and traumas, find joy, and ignite the life of their dreams.

Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Shannon South is an inspirational speaker and trainer. She leads workshops and trainings at non-profits, businesses, churches, online podcasts, and inspirational festivals.

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"I highly recommend her 3-step process!"

Dr. Shannon South is an expert who knows how to guide people on the path to greater joy. Her personal healing story of moving from anxiety and debilitating panic to happiness and well-being is a great inspiration. I highly recommend her 3-step process!  
- Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul.

Online Courses for Therapists & Coaches

"Shannon, as the Professional Development Committee Chair for LPCANC, please accept an enthusiastic round of kudos for your presentation today!  Your approach to psychotherapeutic healing should be required course material in every university counselor training program. I shall certainly let the LPCANC Board know about your excellent presentation.’

-Dwaine P., LPC