Joy is beyond your emotions

Shannon South

Did you know that Joy is a state of consciousness BEYOND your emotions?

How often do you get stuck in your emotions not sure which way to go next?

Our emotions are like gas to our car, they give us energy to move forward and let us know where we are in relation to something, yet they are not the end all be all. We can learn to honor our emotions and use them as the information and energy they are in our lives, yet we can’t let them fully control us. Those whom let their emotions fully control them usually suffer unhappy-making consequences.

Joy- as a state of consciousness- is like the sunshine. It is still there, (even when we are having a hard time feeling it) and we can learn to move through the dark clouds and into the truth of things rather quickly if we just know how.

To find out how to honor your emotions and move into more Joy today see video above.

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