How to celebrate “Everything”

Shannon South

“JOY lives in the nothingness AND the everything.”
-Dr. Shannon South

Did you get exactly what you wanted for the holidays?

Was your holiday the exact opposite of what you had hoped for or a mixed bag in between?

No worries! Whether or not you got exactly what you wanted and needed for the holidays or if you didn’t even get close to the holiday you would have preferred, there is a sweet spot for JOY. In between the expectations you had for the holidays and the reality that you got dished out, JOY lives there.

In step 3 of my 3 step transformational process towards JOY, you learn how to celebrate whatever arises in your life. You have the power to as the song “Be Still and Know” reminds us to be still and know you are JOY.

To find that sweet spot of JOY today watch video above.

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