The 3 things clients do wrong when they are managing their stress

I just got out of session with a client who had a great question for me- so I wanted to pass it along to you.

She asked, “How am I stopping myself from feeling better?”

Wow! That was humbling yet I know she is a client who WILL feel better because she is asking the right questions.

I knew there were some common mistakes that clients make when they are trying to feel better so I began sharing them with her!

  1. They take on too much, too fast and overwhelm themselves. (I will teach you how to reduce your stress, but in simple ways that won’t overwhelm you in an already overwhelming world)
  2. They are too hard on themselves and expect perfection right away. (That is why I address self-love in the stress management program so that this issue doesn’t stop their momentum)
  3. They have past worthiness or fear patterns that get in the way. (This is why we dig a little deeper and find out how our wise, most loving self can help us clear these stress patterns permanently)

Anyway, I hope that helps. It’s super important after all the effort you make to set New Years resolutions and make changes in your life, that they actually work! You should be able to stick with the agreements you make for yourself AND feel JOY everyday.