What do Joy and Love have in common?

“Joy is simple. The more supported, loved and connected we feel, the more we can relax and allow the essence of who we are- joy and love- to emerge naturally.”
~Dr. Shannon, from Time for Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet in 3 Simple Steps

The process of “feeling the love” is more about letting go than it is adding on. We really have enough on our plates yet letting go into the essence of who we are can be trickier than we think.

Our past conditioning, brain stress, trauma patterns and the political insanity adds to a whole host of other tangles and craziness usually waiting for us when we slow down, drop in and let go. When we get beyond these, we begin to feel the ease of love and joy like never before.

It takes faith and courage to allow the sunshine of love and joy to cascade throughout your being. It often takes feeling the “muckola” (this is a very clinical word:-)) of the pain as well.

We so often choose mediocrity instead of full on joy and love for various reasons yet celebrating the essence of who you are is what “Valentines Day” can mirror back to you!

JOY TIP for Valentines Day: (to celebrate the essence of who YOU truly are)

Whether you are in a relationship of a romantic sort or not, find some reason to drop a “love bomb” this week on yourself AND another.

FYI: If you have my Love wisdom meditation- do this or if you are in my 10 Day Stress Busting Miracle Solution check out the heart meditation at the end….another love bomb!

(Let me know how much joy you receive and what love bomb you chose. I am a sap for good news…)

My wish for you on Valentines Day, Valentines week and for your whole life is to be able to tap into your loving, joy-filled essence and allow it to fill you up like never before. Your love will spill over into the hearts of others and they will have abundant joy because of it.

So to answer the question what do joy and love have in common? (drum roll please…)

They create more of each other.

More joy=more love and more love= more joy.

Brain science shows we are wired this way! (so take advantage of it)