When to let go? Always

How to water your inner joy garden

How did we get so constricted and out of the flow of joy?

What happened in your life that caused you to shut down the flow of joy?

Our family loves watching the movie Elf with Will Ferrell for Christmas. He is a big-hearted, fully loving, constantly playful, easily joy-filled kid in an adult body yet constantly running into unavailable working or image focused people whom he drives bananas.

Will Ferrell’s character represents such a beautiful thing this holiday season. He loves the sweet things of life…. a) cuddle time b) skating c) candy, to name a few, yet he is often seen as odd and feels very strange in a world of over perfectionistic, distracted, workaholics. It all ends very well (won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen it) and the Christmas Spirit returns to NYC.

I used to feel like Will Ferrell in NYC around this time of year. I wanted to play, (others were busy), I wanted to connect, (others had different priorities), I wanted to laugh, (others were very serious about serious life things). Thank goodness, I have found a way to turn up my faucet of joy and allow the joy to come through (and not drive my family too crazy… they like it most of the time<:- or at least they say they do…LOL).

How to turn up my faucet of joy and allow the joy to come through

What ways can you open up your joy faucet this holiday season?

How can you let more of your joyful, loving nature show?

What’s the number one fear holding you back from being more fully you?

A Joy Garden is overflowing with enough.
Full and joyful.
And in your fullness you feed others.

Today’s Joy Tip

Open up to the innate joy and love within you
and let that inner joy flow!