Grow Your Business By Growing YOU

Your Personalized Breakthrough Day!

Your Growth = Massive Growth in Your Business

As an entrepreneur, what's the number one thing that's holding you back from rapidly growing your business, achieving your dreams and living the life you want?

Most business owners already know the number one thing that is holding them back,

but sometimes they have no idea.

Either way, I want to help you find it and permanently let it go.

HI! I'm Dr. Shannon South and over the years in working with more spiritually-minded, entrepreneurs, I've found that makes you a special person. You have many talents, multiple gifts and a drive for success.

You work hard and dream big.

But often, I find with my clients that there is one thing they are wrestling with if they could get past it, it would forever change the trajectory of their business and their life.

Do you know what that is for you?

So what if you could find it, address it and transform it in one day or even 1/2 a day?

Well, now you can.

And that's just one part of my Breakthrough Day for Entrepreneurs!

See often times as entrepreneurs, we try to change our business while remaining the same ourselves.

We leave our wisest, deepest, highest potential Self out of the equation, thinking it's only a marketing problem, a situational problem or an external problem. We play "whack a mole" with our business and end up in a similar place as before.

Ever had this experience?

Whatever this one issue is, I guarantee it is messing up your success, your abundance alignment and your joy but the good news is,

my speciality is to

help you discover what this block is and remove it.

You can actually use the thing you are struggling with and turn it into your greatest asset.

So often we keep avoiding, pushing forward, throwing money at, exerting more effort or magical thinking at each situation out of survival. We don't get to the root of the problem.

We react out of fear or urgency only to create the same or similar outcomes over and over again. When we do not meet our goals, we get frustrated or confused.

We've tried everything we know which makes us feel even more crazy. "Why does this work for them and not for me?", we grumble. And then the self-doubt and stress creeps in, robbing us of our connection to our energy, power, creativity, inner guidance and/or common sense that we need.

We are lost in the dark without our flashlight trying to run a business.

Trying to change your business without changing you is like washing your car without ever changing the oil or balancing the tires.

Trying to change your business without changing you is like planting a garden in red clay just hoping it will grow.

It's super tough, if not almost impossible, right?!

And it really stinks to lose the energy, the momentum or the ability to make our business and life work!

Imagine another possibility....the ease of growing your business if you knew what to do

to create healthy or super healthy soil from the start...

PLUS knowing what was off so you could maximize the right conditions.

What if the sun was shining and there was just the right amount of water in this super healthy soil?

You'd plant the seeds and they would grow, grow, grow!

Your business is the same.

Remove what is holding you back to create the best conditions and it will absolutely BLOSSOM!

We can't always control the external conditions, so by focusing on the inner conditions, you will have maximum impact.

When we win the inner battle, the outer one takes care of itself.

Having a successful business is an inside job.

So when the outer opportunities come (as they will because you are ALIGNED and Ready), the inner conditions are poised and rich for growth.

And I've spent over 20 years helping people find that one thing tripping them up so they can overcome it for good. (see happy people testimonials below<:)

...and I can help you too.

As a successful business owner and an award-winning spiritual psychologist, this is my sweet spot.

In your breakthrough day, we will create this healthy "inner soil" to keep you connected to your best, business results. We will find the root of the problem and use time-tested strategies to transform it so it's not in the way of all your efforts.

Sure, there are risks and challenges, but de-weeding inner blocks to success has over and over, proven essential for outer abundance. You are the solution for the healthy garden of your business and your life.

And I know how to guide you to your creative, most, clear and powerful answers. You and your patterns are the keys to success. There is no reason to feel lost or to throw mindless tactics and strategies at the wall and see what sticks.

Let's build your success and abundance alignment in a way that truly flourishes ~ from the inside-out.

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Your vision only becomes a reality when you look within. Who looks outside dreams; Who looks inside awakens. -Dr. Carl Jung, psychologist

Your breakthrough day is personalized, just for you to to help you "win big" as you awaken to the best version of your life and your business. You will achieve more, believe in your grandest vision more and have renewed, unstoppable energy to do what it takes to make your dream business (and life) a reality! 

If you want to work less and make more money, you can do it!

Turn your passions into profits, well, of course!

Clear out your fears and energy-zapping patterns, for sure!

Transform unsupportive patterns into success-driven, life-giving choices? 100% YES

I am a veteran of years of traditional coaching and talk therapy, and that was helpful to a point. However, I did more inner work with Shannon in the first hour using her spiritual psychology approach than I did in all those years getting insight into my past and present.

Why? Because this process involves the totality of who I am-not just my mind and emotions, but also my body and spirit.

It goes deep!

This is the real deal. It doesn't get any more powerful than this!

The changes were immediate."

- FP, Director, non-profit organization

You will get:

A "Clarity Deep Dive" Assessment to find out what your subconscious success traps are and how they influence you achieving your goals (personally and professionally) and then a solution-focused map for our day together.

You will get:

High level business and personal coaching and/or counseling in a Zoom room with Award Winning Therapist, Dr. Shannon, guiding you through experiential exercises and transformational experiences that will create breakthroughs and a win-win for your life and business! (loads of ah-ha's during this one<:)

*We will pull out the virtual whiteboards and work together to achieve these breakthroughs.

You will get:

A rare opportunity to experience a time-tested, spiritual psychology process called "The Inner Counselor" that takes you to the root of the problem in one session and guides you the clarity you need for your breakthrough.

This depth psychology process taps into the power needed to let go of what is in your way of your highest potential and find the exact creative solution for you at this time. It will re-energize you, deeply support you and build the inner circuitry and alignment needed for more success, love, strength and joy! (It's powerful, no joking around<:).

Now that you have learned more about what you will get in your Breakthrough day, here's a personal invitation and some important details from Dr. Shannon 


What Can You Achieve with Your Breakthrough Day?

With all this one-on-one attention from Dr. Shannon using time-tested tools of spiritual psychology, personal development, business coaching and proven success tactics, Dr. Shannon will guide you to remove subconscious (and conscious) blocks that may have sabotaged you and/or your business for years, unleash new energy and powerful ideas so that you can make more money and have more time and freedom to do what you love.

The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.”

-Napoleon Hill Author of Think and Grow Rich

You will also experience ah-ha's that will rock your socks off and leave with the new structures and strategies that are perfect for you and your new version of your business and life.

Your highest potential will awaken with this work.

You will tap into the power to influence your subconscious mind.

You will clean up what is not supportive and ignite what will maximize your success, joy and abundance.

Remember: It's your relationship to what is, not what is, that is the problem and the solution.

Warning: You may find that by breaking through your biggest concern, you connect with your authentic power and you will truly succeed!

You will get:

A full day focused on YOU which includes invaluable time, attention and support. You choose the concerns and we go from there. These are geared to bring together conflicting parts of you so that you are more powerful (and not all over the place), help you with what feels most important personally or professionally and laser focus your attention to transform old patterns, subconscious success traps and more into an abundance alignment that will take your life and business to the next level.

You will get:

As a way to honor your Breakthrough Day! success and take care of you, Dr. Shannon is including her online program called Say Yes to Less Stress: 10 Days to Less Stress and More Joy. This includes 13 at-home self-care, experiential exercises, videos and fun downloads to continue taking care of Y.O.U. since YOU are the Soul of your business and its most valuable asset!

You will get: 

Accountability and follow-up: After your Breakthrough Day! it is vital to keep supporting you in implementing your new ideas and action steps! You will have 3, 1 hour appointments with Dr. Shannon for additional support on Zoom or by phone.

You will get:

Power packed business tools you can use during and after your Breakthrough Day! to organize, plan, strategize and uplevel your business and life on a daily/weekly basis. These will support you in staying engaged in growing you and your business for as long as you would like. (Extremely valuable all by themselves $$$)


About your Breakthrough coach Dr.Shannon

Dr. Shannon D. South, aka the “Joy Doctor”, is an award winning therapist, an amazon best-selling author, and a motivational speaker. She works internationally with businesses and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs teaching them how to "Grow your Business by Growing You." 

As a successful business woman for over 20 years and an expert in the field of spiritual psychology and healing trauma, she knows how to assist people in finding wholeness, success and joy naturally. She also knows how to bring in the fun!

In 1994, Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed her debilitating anxiety and depression permanently. Since this transformative experience, Shannon has helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving, successful and joy-filled selves. Her approach aligns you with you highest potential so you can truly step into the business and life of your dreams.

Shannon is the founder of the Ignite! Your Life and Business programs, Your Breakthrough Day! and the “Joy IQ” self-assessment tool. She also trains coaches, counselors and chaplains on how to integrate the time-tested approach of spiritual psychology into their work with their clients. Her latest book, Grow Your Business by Growing You: A Spiritual Entrepreneurs Guide to Maximum Joy, Abundance and Success is a roadmap to this unique, transformational process. Shannon loves dancing, being with nature, friends and family and a rowdy game of volleyball!  


I tripled my profits and moved into my dream business after working with Dr. Shannon.

"I am amazed at how strong I felt after working with Dr. Shannon because I came to her with a lot of anxiety and feeling very powerless. After our time together, I was able to take the exact risks needed to create my dream business and care for myself and my family too. It was a win-win and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I now love the life I have created."

Healthcare Provider, Asheville NC

Amazing Inner Work that truly produced outer results beyond my imagination!

"After one session of Dr. Shannon's depth psychology process, I was stunned and amazed. Not only did I re-create my business in a way that I had wanted to for years, but I had the energy and ability to turn my art hobby into a successful, money-making adventure. I made more money that I had in years in the first month after seeing Dr. Shannon! Please give yourself this gift! It will pay for itself right away!"

Janice, Artist and Counselor


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Your abundance, joy and success

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