Ignite Your Life Dr Shannon South

My Consciousness Caught up with Me

“Your consciousness WILL catch up to your highest intention, effort and desire. Then you will become the joy and love you are seeking.” -Dr. Shannon South

I will admit, this “joy doctor” can be a high pressure title at times and I will admit that not all my life patterns have been oozing with joy. (I feel like I am at confession<:lol)

I am a very happy person yet there has been this nagging pattern and person in my life it has been very hard to release and forgive. There is a BIG pile of manure in my joy garden. (Just to be kind, I am not sharing who this is out of respect) I have forgiven him in stages. Yes, the many times I prayed so hard to have my anger removed (to feel better inside myself) only for him to do something that next week I perceived to be totally hurtful, insensitive and truly mind blowing that I just couldn’t comprehend it. (Back to being mad again>:).

Yes this has happened more than I care to admit and I have”most often” intended freedom, love and joy in this situation. Yes, there have been times where I could not find the desire to love and forgive and I just wanted to call in my country cousins and take him down…. but despite this roller coaster of forgiveness, it is beginning to feel like my higher intentions and efforts are paying off.

Do you have a situation in your life where despite what seems like are your best efforts, it is hard to come to a place of peace, love and joy? (If so, please share on my Facebook page or email me.) Some of these pain points transform so easily and others… well….are harder.

What happened? How did it come together? It is a mystery at the timing of it all… yet I have been navigating this issue for a decade (did I just share that?<:). Yet one day in therapy with my fabulous, depth psychologist, she pointed out something and my heart just blew right open.

I knew she was right. I could be myself again. I didn’t have to contort my life into reacting or making counter moves with him anymore. I could love and be loved. I could focus my energy on the things and people I loved. I could be free and joy-filled- in this area too. I cried tears of relief.

Whatever patterns tangle you up, remember (as my wise neighbor said to me the other day)…..your consciousness DOES catch up with your intention, desire and efforts. Don’t give up. You are free, whole and full of joy and love always.

Let those cracks in your life fill you up with joy and love!