JP Sears’ Joy Tips

I had the inspirational privilege to see Youtube star and spiritual humorist, JP Sears, speak in Asheville this month. As Joy Tips are my theme, I wanted to share with you 3 of the joy/inspirational tips he gave to me.

JP’s Joy Tips (as translated through Dr. Shannon 🙂

1) Stay monogamous with your creative muse.

As a writer and speaker, this was music to my ears. It seems easier to do while speaking because I get in the flow but with writing, I have plenty of places my inner critic or doubting self loves to jump in and drag me around:-)

2) We don’t always know what is the “right” move for our business or our lives.

JP shared that his idea to do “funny” videos- he thought- would ruin his coaching business. Instead, following his creative muse, he found they MADE his business grow exponentially. Like my mom used to say, we don’t know what “God” is trying to do with us sometimes.

3) Keep showing up and find the humor in it all.

As a joy coach, this one is priceless! Show up, pay attention and keep enough detachment to laugh at yourself every day for maximum joy and maximum results in your life.

Wishing you loads of joy, love and inspiration in all you choose to do.