Say Yes to Less Stress

I was living every counselor’s nightmare

I was living every counselor’s nightmare…..

I had 3 of the diagnoses I was “supposed to” help my clients with… Panic disorder, depression AND Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It was bad.

Being trained clinically, I had tried it all… .

Affirmations (until the cows came home)

Breathing exercises

Pounding Pillows


Going to the ER, EMDR AND EFT (you get the drift…)

And don’t get me wrong, they all helped…TO A POINT.

I was desperate and I was willing to try anything.

I was encouraged to check into meditation and with the new science around all the benefits, I gave it a whirl.

I reluctantly meditated morning and night….
morning and night, morning and night….It became my religion.

Until one day…

I was sitting in my meditation corner in my room overlooking the pool in our apartment complex when all of a sudden ALL my panic symptoms came back ..the tightness in my chest, the feeling like I was having a heart attack, intense fear and dizziness, etc.

Am I going to go crazy for sure this time?

I couldn’t believe it!

After all I had done, I thought I was beyond this. I was beside myself! From the depths of my being, I was heart broken . I cried out…….If there is anybody out there, PLEASE HELP ME!

Then suddenly, I was enveloped with a healing wave of joy a bit like a tidal wave full of unconditional love and peace. It filled my being.

I felt completely whole. Not fractured or broken anymore.

I knew that something radical had happened and that I had permanently changed.
Besides no more panic (which was a miracle unto itself), I was left awe stricken.

Everything changed after this.

Whatever this was, I wanted my clients to have it too.

I was on fire to know and understand what happened.

In my search, I was led to a Spiritual Psychology doctorate program and I dove right in. I found out this was called a “peak experience” (you can say that again!) and that mystics, healers, and transpersonal psychologists like Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow had been talking about this for years.

Throwing my heart and Soul into this work, I kept transforming and my practice transformed too. My clients were changing rapidly and deeply and so was I. Not only could I now help them access their deepest, most loving selves for healing, but I had some transformational tools that helped them to see who they truly were!

It was and still is a beautiful dance of going beyond my clinical roots and creating a joy-filled, Soul Based practice. The ability to guide my clients to a world beyond their diagnosis, story and symptoms. It is the honor of my life..

And this is what I want to share with you!

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