Where the attention goes, the power flows

I remember watching the Presidential debate and it was amazing that when they asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to share one thing they admired about the other one (well maybe admired is too strong) but something positive about the other and it was like a light switch turned on. The tension stopped and the energy completely changed in the room.

We may know from physics class that where the attention goes the power flows yet we keep feeling drawn to focusing on the negative even when we suffer for it.

Today I am going to challenge you to a joy duel…..(you may have seen my video on Facebook if not, click here).

Today’s Joy Tip

My JOY TIP for you is to notice and expand the bubble of joy that comes to you today. Consciously focus on it and let your energy flow towards this gift of joy in your life.

Let’s see what happens if we meditate (pay attention to), expand upon and allow each joy bubble throughout our day to grow a little (or a lot) and train our attention towards more joy.

This may be a test in joy but it is also a test in power. Focusing our attention on what we want in our lives instead of reacting to every little thing that comes our way truly changes our reality.

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