This Webinar Reveals...

Your Most Powerful and Proven Ways to Stay Healthy During This Pandemic

How to Use the Energy and Wisdom of Your Mind-Body and Spirit for Dynamic Transformation and Increased Higher Consciousness (Not Just Survival)


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Wednesday, July 29

7:00 PM Eastern, 6:00 PM Central,

5:00 PM Mountain, 4:00 PM Pacific

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What you will get in this live webinar:

Key #1

What if there was ONE thing that drains your health and joy, Mind-Body or Spirit ,that if you identified and healed during this webinar (or were given the tools to do so) you could stop the harm it is doing to you and take back your health?

In times of great transition and crisis, psychotherapy and mind-body health have proven that your cognitive and emotional associations (plus symbolic connections) can either enhance or inhibit your immunity.

Your perceptions and the way you relate to things either gives you health or takes it away.

You will be given an invaluable opportunity to find the energy drain that is hurting your health and and the tools for this to be healed.

Key #2

What if instead of staying in survival mode only throughout this pandemic, you could simultaneously ignite your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical immune system, AND awaken, and activate your highest potential

Getting beyond our survival system into higher consciousness is exactly what you can do and the benefits of this are enormous on all levels!

We will support you in doing this with:

  • Biogenics and other mind-body healing modalities
  • Dr. Sorin's cutting edge healing and health approaches
  • Discovering your 3 levels of consciousness and ways to activate these for maximum mind-body and spiritual health
  • Providing proven ways to unplug from stress so your immune system will be even stronger
  • How to tap into and use your higher consciousness during crisis
  • Signs you are draining your immunity and how to turn this around
  • And so much more...

Key #3

What if you could easily and quickly break out of old destructive survival patterns and unlock your options for living a life that you really want? Well now you can and we will show you how.

You will leave with a Mind-body-Spirit Medicine Chest full of proven, cutting edge science, mind-body approaches and healing modalities (you will get to experience ON the webinar as well) to boost your immunity and your joy.

You will be prepared to handle whatever life brings to your table.

When the "I can't" takes a back seat, Divine power can enter.

*Bring your personal questions as well and come ready for answers!

Join CEO and Medical Director of Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, Dr. Sergey Sorin and Award-winning, spiritual psychotherapist, Dr. Shannon South for a fresh look at ways to strengthen your immune system by using your mind-body and Spirit as they share wisdom from multiple areas of counseling psychology and mind-body medicine to awaken human potential and fast- forward healing. With over 40 years experience between them, as well as their inspiring, personal healing journeys from cancer, panic and anxiety disorders and more, you will be inspired to transform any hearthache into health and fear-based, survival patterns into creating your next, most powerful you.